Why Startups Need Investors With Reputation Capital

What’s the difference between cash and investment? Let’s say you finished your Business Plan, checked the Business Case, and got the Marketing Plan ready. What comes next? For most startups it’s the need to take the business concept and make it a reality – you need money! Otherwise you can’t move from business plans to business planning.

Alex Baldwin’s 14 Ways To Improve Your Business Plan

‘Always be closing’, Alex Baldwin in GlenGarry Glen Ross. Don’t know about you but I didn’t like business writing when I started out. It took forever to write white papers, data sheets, and other sales materials. One of the reasons was that it was ‘assumed’ the customer preferred lengthy documents that covered all aspects of […]

Ernest Hemingway’s Checklist For Better Business Writing

One of tricks that Hemingway plays on the reader is that while the prose is ‘ordinary’, you can’t help but keep reading on and on and on… It looks simple until you try it. Look at how he does it. His writing style is crisp, direct and engaging. All the signs of a great writer. […]

Business Case Checklist: 15 Things to Remember

Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at how to write business proposals (and business plans) to generate new business opportunities. One way to succeed in this area is to understand how the ‘Business Case’ is generated within an organization (as this is often written before the actual RFP is sent out) and the type […]

Ultimate Guide to Business Process Design

Post by Ivan Walsh. Follow me on Twitter. At the end of the workshop, our client confessed, ‘I didn’t know our business worked like that’. We’d come onsite and over three months mapped out the processes in his Finance, Sales and Operations Depts. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of Business Analysis is […]

How to Write a Better Executive Summary for your Business Plan

I help clients assess their Business Plans. Part of this is checking that the numbers add up but also to see if the project in question is worth investing in. How do we know that from a fifty page document? We don’t always know, of course. But, we can make certain deductions just by looking […]

Nine Step Guide To Better Business English

Warren Buffet’s Annual Reports were the first annual reports I ever read. To this day, I go back and re-read them to remind myself what business writing is really about – making a connection with words. That’s it. The more you can connect, the more people will read you. They may not agree with you […]

How to Write Headlines, Summaries and Abstracts That Get Remembered

This article is about writing headlines, summaries and abstracts. Before we start, what is an Abstract?  Philip Koopman, at Carnegie Mellon University, reminds us that, “Writing an efficient abstract is hard work, but will repay you with increased impact on the world by enticing people to read your publications. Make sure that all the components […]

Why Free + Business Plans = Failure

I blame Chris Anderson. He’s the editor of Wired who published the best-seller Free. (Scroll to the end to read or download FREE here). The idea is that Free can be a successful business model theory. While there is some merit in the idea, not everything needs to be charged, or at least, not up […]

How to Document Business Rules and Business Requirements

Post by Ivan Walsh. Follow me on Twitter. What’s the connection between Business Requirements and Business Rules? One of the problems for Business Analysts is that they may focus so much on gathering Business Requirements, that they forget the underlying Business Rules which define how the business functions. Unless you’re clear on the difference between […]